Meet Veronica


Name- Veronica
Age- 29 and 11 months 🙂
Home town- Queens, NY
Current town- Queens, NY

I am meeting life long New Yorker Veronica near Gramercy park, after her day of volunteering at neighborhood animal shelter.

Hey, so what are you up to right now in your life?
I’m currently taking a break from work, and exploring myself and my options. I have been working full time for the last 8 years (fashion and events industry) so I haven’t had the opportunity to do anything like this before. So I am just using this free time to find my true passions in life and focus on me. Continue reading “Meet Veronica”

Meet Kate

Meet Kate
Age: 40
Sun sign: Scorpio but very much like a Libra
Home town: Sydney, Au
Current town: Sydney, Au

I am meeting Kate in her beautiful “yellow cottage” home in Seaforth, Sydney that she shares with her partner and 3 children.

What are you up to right now in your life?
I am enjoying maternity leave after the birth of my third child. Spending my days with my new little girl and my two beautiful boys. Bike riding, enjoying the sunshine, lots of play dates and family time. Also starting to plan a second reno/extension on my home since the family has grown. Lastly, planning my return to work and having mixed feelings of course. A little bit sad but also excited to get back into it. Continue reading “Meet Kate”

Meet Penny

Penny taking her new boat out on the Harbour

Name: Penny
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Home town: Sydney, Au
Current town: Sydney, Au

Penny lives with her Swiss partner and pet Schnauzer in a beautiful and busy beach town Manly. We are meeting at an Italian restaurant and having some bubbles during this interview.

What are you up to right now in your life?
Currently running a successful business in the heart of Manly. Enjoying the fine life in Sydney, and planning a trip to Europe this year.

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Meet Nicolina

nico and i 2

Name: Nicolina
Age: 20
Sun Sign: Virgo
Home Town: Copenhagen, Denmark
Current Location: Sydney, Australia

Nicolina has moved to Australia from Denmark in early 2016. We are meeting at a Swedish Cafe in Manly for this interview.

– So tell me what are you up to right now in your life?
Hanging out, enjoying life, while also thinking ahead. Trying to live in the now. I want to stay in Australia as long as possible, but I know I want to do a university degree so I am really trying to figure out what to do in my life. I’m trying to enjoy life but not stress, but it is still stressful because a lot of big decisions are coming up. But so yeah thats what I guess I’m doing; enjoying life and doing what I want.

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