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Name: Nicolina
Age: 20
Sun Sign: Virgo
Home Town: Copenhagen, Denmark
Current Location: Sydney, Australia

Nicolina has moved to Australia from Denmark in early 2016. We are meeting at a Swedish Cafe in Manly for this interview.

– So tell me what are you up to right now in your life?
Hanging out, enjoying life, while also thinking ahead. Trying to live in the now. I want to stay in Australia as long as possible, but I know I want to do a university degree so I am really trying to figure out what to do in my life. I’m trying to enjoy life but not stress, but it is still stressful because a lot of big decisions are coming up. But so yeah thats what I guess I’m doing; enjoying life and doing what I want.

-Do you find it hard to know what to do with your life and what to study?
Yeah, so hard! Without tooting my own horn too much, I am good at a lot of stuff so I find it hard to choose one thing and betting everything on that. Also what you study is not necessarily what you end up doing. And then I’m also very creative and I’d like to do my own thing, but I’m just not sure I’m brave enough to do that. So many, many struggles in my life at the moment.

– Why did you decide to travel to Australia from Denmark?
I vibe a lot more with the country and the people here. When I started traveling and came to AU I felt at home. It’s a feeling I don’t have at home, if it weren’t for my family and friends of course. And the weather also, the life style.

-Do you think its common for Danish people to travel while young?
Yeah very! Most people travel with their friends or in groups though. Almost everyone takes a year or two off after high school before they start uni, to go traveling or do whatever their hearts desire.

– What is a typical work day or weekend like for you in AU? (Nicolina works as a barista and bartender)
On a Friday like today, I get up at 6 to get to work at 7 at a cafe and it is a short shift so I finish at 11. Then depending on the weather I’m usually hanging out with friends. I just like being outside when the weather is nice, walking around, swimming, going for a surf if I can. Then either I work at night or meet with friends in the evening and go out. Sometimes locally in manly for a few drinks and other times in the city for a big night out.

– What are 3 funny/strange things you miss about Denmark?
Having similar humor to everyone around. You know when you have friends you have your inside jokes and when you meet another danish person you share the same sarcastic sense of humor.
Another is true rye bread, really dark and filled with nutritious fibers.
Lastly, biking and being in a city made for biking. Not being afraid to die when you cycle on the roads.

– What is a funny/strange thing you notice about Australia?
The language, the slang. It’s so laid-back and not at all serious. Its a great representation of the people. For example; “heaps” meaning a lot.

– What is your spirit animal and why?
Dogs, they are always happy and excited for everything. They are loyal, I just love them. There is a Monk saying that if you spend enough time with dogs in this life time you will be a dog in the next one. Don’t know the credibility behind this one though, but I like to think that’s true. I really like that. We can learn a lot from dogs like loyalty, compassion.

-Lovely, what kind of dog?
Probably a black labrador or a golden retriever haha! A happy family dog, that’s for sure.

What is your favorite fashion brand?
I dont know if I have a favorite brand, I have a favorite store and it is General Pants Company. It’s street style-ish.

nik in white

– Is there a message your passionate about that you think more people should know about?
Yes, that we should recycle more and create less food waste. We should think about the environment more in our decisions. Basically listen to what Leonardo Dicaprio says more ha.
For example, I have a friend who works at a bakery and there is so much great bread thrown out at the end of the day and I asked “why don’t you donate it to a food shelter”? She said “because then we have to go into the shelter and its just more trouble then its worth”. But I believe that food could make so many meals.
Even my own family, we over make how much food we need. I feel bad throwing the food out every time.
I also care about the refugee crisis in Denmark, I think there should be more care and compassion towards Refugees. We have a population problem in Denmark, and we could really use more people and their skills. But we should integrate them into our communities instead of just letting them live in our country. If people feel like they have a purpose to wake up for, it makes a person feel useful, it’s better than locking them out.


Thank you Nicolina for being so open with us, your courage to travel to the other side of the world at only 20 years old, and your compassionate heart is an inspiration to all of us 🙂