Meet Kate
Age: 40
Sun sign: Scorpio but very much like a Libra
Home town: Sydney, Au
Current town: Sydney, Au

I am meeting Kate in her beautiful “yellow cottage” home in Seaforth, Sydney that she shares with her partner and 3 children.

What are you up to right now in your life?
I am enjoying maternity leave after the birth of my third child. Spending my days with my new little girl and my two beautiful boys. Bike riding, enjoying the sunshine, lots of play dates and family time. Also starting to plan a second reno/extension on my home since the family has grown. Lastly, planning my return to work and having mixed feelings of course. A little bit sad but also excited to get back into it.

Tell me about your maternity leave…
I love that my work supports me with maternity leave. I choose to take 8 months half pay which has allowed me to spend time with my kids. Instead of the busy work schedule of full time in the office, this is the time to reconnect with my babies.

How was it having a child at 39?
It’s definitely different from having my first child at 33. As you get older it gets harder but you have a lot of gratitude. You are nearing the end of the age that you can get pregnant so you are very grateful. It is definitely more tiring the older you get and yet you want to have a lot of energy for your kids. But I had many years of traveling around the world working and living overseas. So I’m really lucky to have the best of both worlds in my life so far.

Did you always see yourself as a mother of 3?
It just sort of happened. I always saw myself as a mother but I didn’t know how many kids I would have. I actually got to the point right before my first child (at 33) that I thought I would never have children. I thought that ship had passed me by but you never know what life has in store for you. My first son was a surprise and I was lucky enough to have 2 more.

What were you like at 27?
I was just leaving Australia to live in Munich, Germany. I was all about my career and striving to move up the ranks. I was desperate to have adventures in my life and explore.

What made you decide to go into your current industry? (IT and Marketing)
I sort of landed in this industry. I always wanted to do fashion design or interior design and thats what I studied. However my father had different plans. I recall when I was 21 and was just accepted into the leading fashion school, my father handed me an advertisement that was for a Marketing/IT position. He said to me “I want you to go to this interview and if you get the job, you take it”. I tried my hardest not to get hired but I ended up getting the job and getting more money than I could say no to. That was the start of my 20 year long career in Marketing/IT.
It has given me lots of opportunities and allowed me to have a fairly rich life. Rich as in experiences, travel, self development and from a financial perspective, it’s allowed me to be independent and do the things I want to do. I wouldn’t have been able to have 3 kids and support them the way I do and live where I live.

How do you juggle motherhood and a corporate career?
I’m still learning. You just set strict boundaries with work so it does not overflow into motherhood. It’s constant multitasking.

Do you have any advice for young women?
Always think positively. Stay true to yourself and have confidence in your own abilities. There are so many times that people tell you that you can’t do things, but your the only person that knows what your capable of doing and whats right for you. Thats the hardest thing in life, so many people tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, and the best thing you can do is have the confidence in your own decisions. That has taken me a long time to work out.

Is there anything you feel passionate about or anything you would like more people to know more about?
Since having my first born start school, I notice how prevalent bullying is amongst children. I am disappointed in society that people can treat each other this way and I think it is a very serious issue. We all need to be more mindful and understand you don’t know someone else’s life until you walk in their shoes. We need to be nice, kind and caring. I wish there were more people like that instead of belittling and mean. This questions makes me think even though I have a busy life, I would like to get involved in a charity or my community more.

What was your favorite place you ever visited and why?
Aspen, Colorado. Mom and dad used to take us there every Christmas for a month of skiing. I never realized how lucky I was. I loved those holidays they were amazing.

Thank you Kate you are a breath of fresh air, and a beautiful person inside and out. It is a real pleasure knowing you and your family.